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Steel pipe strength, bend freely
It is adopted high quality raw materials by a special process and patented production. It has novel structure and excellent quality performance. It has both the steel tube’s mechanical strength, and the reel ability. It can maintain the user’s needed shape after bending with the hand. Moreover, it has attractive appearance.

Insulation protection, safety and reliability
Due to welding processing or corrosion, and other factors, the wall of the steel pipe or metal hose will have sharp burr that easily damage the wire protection layer, but the inner side of the flexible metallic conduit is the electrical insulating paper, so it is not easy to damage the skin of wire and cable when threading.

Small volume and light in weight, convenient handing
The tube is light in weight. The weight of basic type is only a quarter of the same diameter of steel tube. It can be rolled into the disc, with small volume, it can be sented to the installation site conveniently, so it can eliminate the homework danger and reduce the labor intensity.

Simply cut off, efficient Construction
The pipe length can be cut off with Plica knife in the scene according to the installation need. It saves workers and time, also no short head loss. Even in narrow and complex construction site, it can also be quick assembled. It can save hours several times on architectural decoration engineering, and improve working efficiency six times in shipbuilding, elevator, locomotive vehicle industry.


Great variety, Connect Firmly
The outside of the tube has the screw, in any place it can be cut off and then connected with steel tube, power lines, equipment and motor with connector. According to the needs, we can choose conduits and accessories of different material. In addition to making the conduit made of hot galvanized steel belt, still can be processed into avirulent and harmless aluminum tube and copper tube of high shielding performance, for special industries.

Waterproof and tolerate Seismic, good intensity
Because of the material and structural characteristics, the PVC covered conduit has some extent mechanical strength and tensile properties,it is anti-vibration. It can be embedded in concrete architecture, and even tensile fracture partially in such place of building settlement joints, it also can complete the protection to the wire, especially for tall building, not stable geological conditions, and earthquake-prone area are not stable, it has special significance on the safety of electrical wiring project.


Tolerate corrosion and insulation, isolation to prevent burning
The conduit is adopted hot galvanized steel strip, with good corrosion resistance performance, and better acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, salt-resisting and chemical-resisting performance because of the PVC covered.The pipe with electrical insulating, has heat insulation effects. It reaches the national standard on the metal tube and flame retardant tube’s fire control indexes. Even with fire, The low smoke non-halogen tube won't produce the stifling and toxic smoke. Compared with steel pipe, the plica tube has more excellent Fire delay protection function and can reduce the loss drastically caused by fire.

Explosion-proof and dustproof, good shielding performance
Our company developed the increaded safety type flexible metallic conduit,, to meet the needs of making the electric lines owning a reliable protection in those special occasions with explosion-proof motors, instruments and other equipments,because the environment is bad, has a lot of dust or there may be flammable and explosive gas in the iron and steel, coal mine, petroleum and chemical industry.

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